TADTELMAX has visited the Critical Communications World 2021 in Madrid, an event bringing the latest solutions for efficient, safe, and secure emergency services in telecommunications systems and devices for mission accomplishments in business that requires reliable and resilient communications as transport, oil, gas, medical, electricity (and others).  

LTE and 5G technologies

The LTE and 5G technologies are rapidly increasing delivering high-speed data rate, capacity, and the 3GPP organization has worked in standards for critical communications. A requirement for standardizing technologies for coexisting is essential, while devices must also be prepared for 3GPP standards. 

As new devices are being launched with more and more applications and secure features, Performing Field Tests of the mobile radio access and testing the applications is crucial for critical mission communications, to verify that the device is following 3GPP standards while also testing the communication on critical scenarios.  


Certifications, as GCF (Global Certification Forum) may be required and is a realiable testing strategy, especially if interoperability is required in the system. GCF Field Trials assures interoperability, while also test mobile services as IMS, Calls, Messages, and others  

Count on TADTELMAX to execute Field Test into the devices.  

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